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At Pulse Point Canada, helping people gain new skills and knowledge isn’t only a commitment, but also a passion. With our wide variety of courses and dedicated team of instructors, we make learning easy, affordable and fun. We empower CPR, First Aid, First Responder and Emergency Medical Responder students to take control in any emergency by delivering hands-on training to gain confidence and proven competence. We ensure that students are able to react and are confident to apply life-saving skills in real life situations.

We are guided by and informed by our strong beliefs and commitment to:

  • INCLUSIVENESS - we respect people, value diversity and we are committed to equality

  • LEADERSHIP - we demonstrate the courage to shape a better future

  • OPENNESS - we leverage the collective genius through a culture of learning, innovation, teamwork and collaboration

  • PARTICIPATION - we value and recognize the contributions of others within our community

  • QUALITY -  we strive for excellence through innovation and continuous improvement

Whether you’re looking to fine-tune skills, support safety efforts or stay on top of Ministry of Labour requirements, Pulse Point Canada gives individuals and Professional Responders all the tools they need.
Our course offering empowers students to identify, prevent and respond to emergencies. We give students the knowledge, training and confidence to recognize and respond to any situation and help influence the outcome. Our courses combine theory, practice, and interactive scenario training to engage students and enhance their learning experience. ​​


"Look no further than Clint at Pulse Point for your first aid training needs! I had an awesome experience with my EMR course, and I'd highly recommend him to anyone. Superb teaching style mixed with some dry humor and great life stories. Stop thinking about it, just book it!!!!"


"Clint goes above and beyond to make sure you have the necessary skills in life to achieve your goals. Very understand and very patient. Best choice to make if you’re looking for your success in the future.

Pulse point > anyone else." 


"Clint is very knowledgeable and often provides relevant examples from real scenarios and experience to solidify concepts and interventions. The EMR course is necessarily hands-on and simulates real life scenarios to enhance the learning experience and give students time to put their skills into practice. Would highly any courses Pulse Point has to offer!"  

"I took the EMR course and the instructor was awesome. The scenarios were the best part because you get to test your knowledge and apply the learning right away. I am a very hands on learner and working with my partner we were able to enhance our critical problem solving skills. Clint’s immediate feedback helped me improve and build my confidence. I highly recommend taking this course with Pulse Point." 

"Just finished up the EMR course and I was blown away. The course made me feel more prepared to handle any emergency situation. There were hands on scenarios everyday which for me is exactly how I prefer to learn. My instructor, Clint, connected with all of the students in the class noting where we needed help and then most importantly, helped us get to where we needed to be. Look forward to working with Clint and Pulse Point again. Highly recommend this EMR course."

Google Reviews

"I just completed my Emergency Medical Responder course. I can’t begin to say how well prepared we were for the final evaluation, and not only that he had very realistic final evaluations set up with simulated wounds and blood. Clint is a phenomenal instructor.I did marine basic first aid with Pulse Point Canada in January and after the great experience I had then I came back. I can’t recommend them enough for all your first aid training!"


"I am so glad we did the first aid training. Because of your amazing teaching I was okay tonight. I began choking and Sean had to call 911 and give me some back blows. I went to the hospital and was treated and released but it was your teaching that stuck in my brain and I was able to do everything you taught me." 


"I highly recommend taking the courses offered by Pulse Point Canada! I have taken 3 courses so far, including Emergency Medical Responder. Clint is so knowledgeable, and his passion on the subject really shows in the way that he teaches. You will leave his courses feeling confident with your new knowledge and skills! Very pleased from start to finish with every course I have taken.”

"By far one of the greatest learning environments and experiences I’ve been part of. Clint is a great instructor who cares about your success, as well as the translation of your skills to real life. I highly recommend any course that Clint offers especially his EMR program."

"I took the EMR Course. Clint was absolutely amazing. Our safety was a priority training during COVID and yet it didn't feel like it impacted the ability to learn. Clint provides a fun yet extremely educational environment for you to learn in and ask questions. I was a volunteer First Responder when I went to this course and still picked up a bunch of new things!

Extremely valuable and would 200% recommend Pulse Point Canada."

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