Working at Heights Training

Working at Heights** - (4.5hrs)

This comprehensive Blended Online WAH program is an effective and interactive way to keep you and your employees up-to-date with Working at Heights training requirements for construction projects in Ontario. The program delivers:

  • Part 1 Theoretical (3.5hrs):  Basic Theory online (E-Learning) using multiple delivery methods (audio, text, video, interactive, etc.) to improve learner engagement (3.5 hours done online at the learner's chosen pace) This course is also compatible with most smart-phones and tablets! The Part 1 (Theoretical online) must be completed by the trainee before attending Part 2 (Practical Training).

  • Part 2 Classroom Training (4.5 hrs): Practical Training is delivered in the classroom to provide workers with the hands-on, practical experience for working safely at heights. 

** Pulse Point Canada is working diligently to bring you this course in early 2020.

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