If the person is able to cough or speak, his or her airway is not completely blocked (mild Choking). Encourage the person to cough and be prepared to provide care if the person stops coughing.

If the person’s airway is completely blocked (Complete Choking), you must begin first aid immediately. Alternate between any two of the following methods until the object comes out: back blows, abdominal thrusts, and chest thrusts. If the choking person becomes unresponsive, ensure that EMS has been called and begin CPR, starting with chest compressions. If the rescue breaths don’t go in and the chest does not rise with the first breath, try re-positioning the head. If that doesn’t work, look in the person’s mouth for an object. Continue to look into the person’s mouth after each set of compressions until the airway is clear. Once the rescue breaths go in, continue CPR normally.

NOTE: The information provided above is not a substitute for first aid and CPR/AED training – get trained today and get empowered.


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