The Professional Responder Coaching Program provides Pulse Point Canada Professional Responder (First Responder and Emergency Medical Responder) students the opportunity to maintain the skill proficiency they acquired in class, while pursuing their chosen profession as a Firefighter, Paramedic or Emergency Responder.

What does it mean to be a Professional Responder Coach?

A Professional Responder Coach (P.R. Coach) is a former first responder or emergency medical responder student who will assist the Instructor in the delivery of training to Pulse Point Canada Professional Responder Students. 

How to become a P.R. Coach?

P.R. Coaches must be Pulse Point Canada Students who have successfully completed the First Responder BLS Course and 2 other courses* or the Emergency Medical Responder BLS course and 1 other course*. Upon successful completion of the courses, students must request to be added to the P.R. Coaching Program. In order to be considered, a minimum passing grade of 90% is required for either the First Responder BLS or Emergency Medical Responder BLS Course.

*Other courses could be online or in-person courses offered by Pulse Point Canada. 

Benefits of becoming a P.R. Coach

Once accepted into the PR Coach Program and after participating as a PR Coach 3 times, PR Coaches may list Pulse Point Canada on their resume under the volunteer experience section. PR Coaches may also use the EMR Instructor, or any other member of the Pulse Point Canada team (with their permission) as a reference.


These benefits are exclusive to registered Professional Responder Coaches ONLY.