Emergency Medical Responder
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First Responder Training 


Pulse Point Canada empowers students to take control in any emergency by delivering hands-on training. With a wide variety of courses, affordable prices for everyone and instructors who are passionate about helping you learn new skills-- it's no wonder why so many people give us such positive feedback!


​We are guided by and informed by our strong beliefs, which we believe to be the best path for success.

  • INCLUSIVENESS - we respect people, value diversity and we are committed to equality

  • LEADERSHIP - we demonstrate the courage to shape a better future

  • OPENNESS - we leverage the collective genius through a culture of learning, innovation, teamwork and collaboration

  • PARTICIPATION - we value and recognize the contributions of others within our community

  • QUALITY -  we strive for excellence through innovation and continuous improvement

Pulse Point Canada offers a wide range of resources for professionals in the workplace. Whether you’re looking to fine-tune skills, support safety efforts or stay up with Ministry of Labour (MOHL) requirements; they've got what it takes!

Our methods enable students to develop a new level of expertise that will help them in any emergency situation. The knowledge, skills and confidence they gain from the training is transferable across all areas - it's not just for first responders!


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