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Southwest Fire Academy

Southwest Fire Academy prides itself on providing safe, quality and affordable pre-service firefighter training in Ontario. SFA’s unique training experience provides the most realistic training environment as your final bootcamp will see you living in a firehall setting, 24 hours per day for 16 days. SFA also provides training to over 60 fire departments and industrial clients in Ontario and across the world so out quality and reputation is very will known!

[email protected] shares recruitments posted across Canada, and offers Firefighter aptitude test questions, Firefighter interview questions, Firefighter resume and Cover Letter tips and provide many great services to help you improve your chances of becoming a firefighter.

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RS Rescue

RS Rescue is Ontario’s leading extrication training course provider. All RS Rescue programs are in compliance with NFPA 1006 and Ontario Fire Service Section 21 Guidance Notes.

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Access Rescue Canada

Access Rescue is a registered Training Corporation with Industry Canada. We provide Safety Training, Technical Rescue Training, and Risk Management Services.

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The INNER Fire Academy

Our passion is simple, but powerful: “As firefighters, we’ve seen loss, that’s why we want to see you succeed.” To us, loss looks both like tragedy, but it also looks like a life without fulfillment.


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Foundations Safety & First Aid Training

Training locations in New Westmister, Abbotsford, Port Coquitlam and Kamloops taught by
experienced Paramedics, First Responders, and Nurses.​


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Firehouse Training

Firehouse Training is an industry leader with enhanced firefighter training programs and career coaching services. Fire Departments are looking for candidates who not only have specialized training in technical rescue; but in the areas of incident command, hazardous materials, high-rise firefighting, fire prevention, mental health and leadership development.